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Uvex X-Fold Banded Earplug

Code : GHP 911F

Uvex x-fold – foldable ear protection for always-having-to-have The innovative design and the oval soft foam plugs of the uvex x-fold guarantee the always comfortable fit of this foldable earpiece. The ergonomic design reduces the transmission of disturbing noises by preventing the strap from rubbing excessively on the clothing.

General Characteristics:

• Ergonomically shaped ear protection for optimal carrying position in front of the chin

• Color: gray, sky-blue, lime

• Version with foldable strap

Protection Features:

• Complies with the EN 352-2 standard

• 23 decibels of insulation – H: 26 dB, M: 18 dB, L: 17 dB

Comfort features:

• Ergonomically shaped replacement plugs for optimum comfort     foldable and therefore always available and easy to take with you


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