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Uvex 2600-002 K2 Earmuff

Code : GHP 952

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Uvex k-series – maximum protection combined with perfect design

The new line of uvex K protective earmuffs – offers an impressive combination of high levels of protection combined with great design: Thanks to their soft surfaces, the earmuffs are easy to mould and comfortable to wear due to their low weight.

General features:

• Ear muffs with length adjustment

• Low weight and compact size

• Colour: black, yellow

• Version with length adjustment

Protection features:

• Meets standard EN 352-1

• 32 decibels insulation – H: 37 dB, M: 29 dB, L: 21 dB

Comfort features:

• Easily adjustable for a perfect fit

• Padded headband for optimal wearer comfort

• Wearer comfort guaranteed thanks to extra-soft memory foam ear cushions, even when worn for long periods


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