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Hazmat Sari Full Face Mask

Code : GRP 421

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Focus on user comfort

  • Wide sealing edge for comfort and excellent fit
  • Comfortable to wear even for long periods without the user becoming tired or stressed

Reliable service

  • Secure fit on the face due to the anatomic chin cup
  • Misting up is prevented by directing the inhalation air flow across the inside of the visor
  • Safeguarded speech diaphragm affords communication
  • Fully adjustable rive point elastic head harness is equipped with quick release buckles, easy to don and doff
  • Rugged construction ensuring minimum maintenance and cost-effectiveness

Easy maintenance

  • Inhalation anti exhalation valves are easy to check and replace without tools

Versatile applications

  • The Sari can be used with a filter, with Scott powered air units and as the KESAF a face piece of compressed airline apparatus

High-class materials

  • Soft, flexible and chemically resistant materials giving longer life and user comfort
  • Reinforced thermoplastic visor frame is easily replaceable
  • The visor is available in three material options to meet various requirements of hazardous environments

Excellent vision

  • Large and distortion-free visor gives the wearer a panoramic field of vision

Sari full Face mask is fully tested and approved to EN 136 and carries a CE mark. CE0121.


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